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Originally Posted by logAnarchy View Post
This reminds me. Earlier I was thinking about something- the pretty common misconception of its and it's is by far the least of the grammar nazis' collective worries. I can see why people would mistake the two, because the apostrophe is usually used as a sign of the possessive. In this case, the apostrophe in it's means it is, but let's say you were saying Ben's, you could use that apostrophe as both a possessive and Ben is. Double standard bro
Hmm. Astute point. I've noticed that too, but I understand how in situations it's (see what I did there) a little out of the way to include a apostrophe. You could be on a smartphone, or just working on typing faster. You're just lazy. With the misconception of they're, their, and there, it implies a larger grammar misconception of the person's mind rather than a common laziness. A much more heinous crime, no?
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