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Originally Posted by jd091 View Post
Hmm. I keep hearing people say Suicide sucks live; I guess I'm just gonna have to find out in August. They're co-headlining a Mayhem off-date with Unearth, so it should at least be half-cool. Warped Tour crowds are always really... weird, I guess. I remember seeing tons of crab kids dancing for Parkway on Youtube, but it was all moshes at the concert I saw. Pretty cool.

And how am I turning into Sep? Ironically, I'm not a huge Sepultura fan. I appreciate them for what they did, but I could never really dig their style. AND I'm not a hip-hop or rap fan either, unlike our aficionado friend.

If its not metal for me, its either jam rock (LOTS of Phish), lots of post-hardcore, some trance electronica, some house, some trip-hop, and some Katy Perry
He always tells realllllly long stories, especially those defending his music tastes.
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