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Originally Posted by logAnarchy View Post
You're turning into Sepultura69...

and Parkway Drive is decent on record, but they sucked donkey balls at Warped. On the other hand, Suicide Silence were great at Warped, but they suck donkey balls on record. Funny how those things play out.
Hmm. I keep hearing people say Suicide sucks live; I guess I'm just gonna have to find out in August. They're co-headlining a Mayhem off-date with Unearth, so it should at least be half-cool. Warped Tour crowds are always really... weird, I guess. I remember seeing tons of crab kids dancing for Parkway on Youtube, but it was all moshes at the concert I saw. Pretty cool.

And how am I turning into Sep? Ironically, I'm not a huge Sepultura fan. I appreciate them for what they did, but I could never really dig their style. AND I'm not a hip-hop or rap fan either, unlike our aficionado friend.

If its not metal for me, its either jam rock (LOTS of Phish), lots of post-hardcore, some trance electronica, some house, some trip-hop, and some Katy Perry
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