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I was 4th row front and center. Overall, the crowd was pretty tame, even near the stage where I was. They did appear to be enjoying the music, but they remained seated for the majority of the show. From Space Truckin' til the end, the crowd actually stood up, and people were dancing in the aisles, which was cool.

Speaking of the crowd, I forgot to mention this in my first post. During the encore, one of the ladies in the front row climbed up on stage and crawled seductively over towards Ian. When she got to him, she stood up and put her arm around him. Keep in mind this was in the middle of the song. Ian was obviously not expecting this, but he took it in stride. He finished the verse and then walked her back to the edge of the stage, where security forced her back into the crowd and then escorted her out of the venue. The whole scene was pretty funny to watch.
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