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Kataklysm -- Toronto, Ontario -- June 16th, 2011

Alright so, the day before my birthday I celebrated by going to see Kataklysm. Yeah, pretty good birthday I'd say.

First band up, Toronto based Pyrah. They weren't to bad, the vocalist had some pretty gnarly growls for a girl. The only complaint though is I felt that is was a little quite, probably a sound check error or something. Other than that, they weren't too bad.

Second band up was I don't know cause I was outside at the time having some smokes, then afterwards I got talking with Jean-Francois from Kataklysm for a while.

Third band up, Vancouver based Unleash The Archers. They honestly blew me away. They were really tight and the singer and an amazing voice. She reminded me a lot like Dio & Halford. Also got talking to her for a bit after the show as well. I hope they come back to Toronto one day.

And finally, Kataklysm. All I can say is wow, they were just great. Managed to get myself on stage a few time and headbang with Maurizio then went and stage dived. All in all this was a great show, a fun night, and an awesome way to celebrate my birthday. Here's Kataklysm's setlist:

A Soulless God
Serenity In Fire
The Ambassador Of Pain
Push The Venom
Manipulator Of Souls
Determined (Vows Of Vengeance)
Years Of Enlightment/Decades In Darkness
In Shadows & Dust
As I Slither
At The Edge Of The World
The Road To Devastation
Crippled & Broken
To Reign Again
Like Angels Weeping (The Dark)

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