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Hate Eternal -- Austin, TX -- June 15th, 2011

Venue: Emo's (inside)

Vital Remains
Icons Of Evil (w/ Where Is Your God Now intro)
Savior To None... Failure For All
Dechristanize (w/ Let The Killing Begin intro)
Hammer Down The Nails

Origin (incomplete, a bunch of songs from the new album)
The Burner

Hate Eternal (incomplete, not in order)
Haunting Abound
Bringer of Storms
Phoenix Amongst the Ashes
King of All Kings
I, Monarch
Powers That Be

The death metal fans of Austin turned up and filled the indoor stage area of Emo's for the first night of this tour. We got into the venue while the Austin industrial metal veterans SKREW were closing with Burning in Water, Drowning in Flame. Abysmal Dawn were up next and while I am was not familiar with their material beforehand, they sounded really solid and I would have no problem seeing them as an opener again. Vital Remains played a fairly standard set list, but they sounded great. I would absolutely kill to see something from Let Us Pray sneak into their sets. We left the venue for a bit after Vital Remains and came back during Origin's last 4-6 songs. The pit was active throughout the night and people were stagediving and crowdsurfing from the small stage all night. Origin's frontman asked the crowd if they heard a new album that came out last week and then he said, "not our record, the new Morbid Angel bitches!" and started laughing and the crowd burst our laughing as well. I am not familiar with their new record, so you can assume that new tracks comprised most of their set. The crowd was definitely the largest and most intense during Origin and I was surprised when a fair amount of people left before Hate Eternal. Even though some of the crowd had dispersed, Erik Rutan and co.'s opening notes sent the hardcore fans straight to the pit. There was no doubt that Hate Eternal was bringing the heaviest and loudest sounds of the evening.

Abysmal Dawn had about 3 shirts for sale. Vital Remains had 4 shirts plus gym shorts and girl booty shorts as well as a DVD. Origin had the most merch; probably 8 shirts plus a work shirt, CDs and a custom glass pipe with 'Origin' in glass on it near the mouth piece end and devil horns around the bowl part for $30. Hate Eternal had maybe 5 or 6 shirts plus the limited edition vinyls of their most recent two albums.

Abysmal Dawn played about 30 minutes as did Vital Remains. Origin had about 45 minutes and Hate Eternal played about an hour. The show ended around 1:15 am.
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