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I went to the first stop on the tour here in AZ. Great live show. People criticize Burton's vocals live (and rightfully so sometimes) but both times I've seen Fear Factory he's nailed his cleans! The venue was small as well with Dino and Burton's crotches in our faces all night long. Even got to see Tony Campos randomly play bass for a local band (after the show he admitted to playing basic notes, it was a last minute fill in! haha he's great).

FF was great as always and played a similar set to their last headlining tour. We paid for a VIP meet and greet but weren't allowed pictures. They told us we'd be able to meet them after the show. Well, that didn't happen so it was pretty shitty. Dino and Burton were nowhere to be found, we saw the bassist leave right after the show, but Gene f'n Hoglan came out and met everybody. It made buying VIP a waste but got a picture with the legend himself and really respect him for coming out when the rest of the band pretty much fucked the crowd. It's all good I'm sure they had reason but oh well no hard feelings!
Gene was the main reason we bought meet and greet tickets to that show; we still got to meet him for pictures after the show and we'll probably use our credits from that to go see Mayhem; it was a bummer but I'm OK with it; shit happens. Plus, watching that large-breasted chick with the furry boots and corset walking around with her left boob hanging out while she stared off into space was almost enough to justify the price of admission; I really want whatever drugs she was on.
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