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Fear Factory -- San Bernardino, CA -- June 12th, 2011

@ Stinger's Bar & Nightclub

1. Mechanize
2. Shock
3. Edgecrusher
4. Smasher/Devourer
5. Acres of Skin
6. Linchpin
7. Powershifter
8. Fear Campaign
9. Christploitation
10. Martyr
11. Scapegoat
12. Demanufacture
13. Self Bias Resistor
14. Zero Signal
15. H-K (Hunter-Killer)
16. Replica

This was my second time seeing Fear Factory but it was a much better experience this time around. The first time we saw them at California Metalfest last year but it felt like people weren't there to see them at that show. This time everyone was there to see Fear Factory of course. Everyone was singing along and going crazy. There was very little space between the stage and the crowd so Burton and Dino were right up in everyone's faces all night, with Burton sticking the mic into the crowd.

Gene was great behind the kit as always, and there was a cool moment after Christploitation where he jammed his drumsticks into the ceiling, then pulled them out and formed a cross with them, and slowly lowered the horizontal stick to invert it.

Dino and Burt had some interesting banter in between songs. Burt declared San Bernardino as "San Burt-and-Dino".

This one is up there with the rest of the great performances I've seen. These small club shows are always an amazing experience because of how up close and personal they are. The only thing that was missing was the crowd surfing and stage diving that you get at places like the Chain Reaction.

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