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Originally Posted by Sanitarium78 View Post
Metallica changes it up every night so it keeps it fresh for the band. Lars even said that's the main reason they decided to do it. Also, with Metallica it's expected that they change the set every night. With Lep it's not. So there's no point in complaining and wanting a band to do something you damn well know they have no chance of doing. It accomplishes nothing.

Both Def Leppard and their fans know that they're a nostalgia act now. I haven't seen them since 2002 but i'm seeing them this summer and do you know why? Nostalgia. They're one of those bands that you don't take too seriously live. You just go to hear the hits, have a good time and that's it.

If you don't like the set then don't go. It's not gonna affect the bands bank account in anyway.
I can agree with that, but when you are a huge Def Lep fan like myself it kinda sucks to only hear Hysteria shit all the time. Just imagine if one of your fav bands of all time only played the same stuff over and over. I respect bands more if they change it up, and give everyone what they wanna hear.

Def Lep plays a 20 song set, they only really have about 10 songs that they have to play. They could switch it up some. I still love them though, so its all good. We will see what the setlist looks like this week. If they continue to play Wasted and Let it Go, I will be really happy.
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