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Originally Posted by Sepultura69 View Post
The Bad:
Too bad some of the stuff they added are totally useless. BLOODLINE??? I MEAN?!?! REALLY??? CMON GUYS, Atleast pull out something good like "Haunting The Chapel" or "Live Undead" or something. Shit, Blood line is such a waste of space. Don't get me wrong, thats great these guys still got the energy to pull out long sets but it's not good when it's plagued with useless shit(Blood Line, Temptation, Dead Skin mask ect)

The Ugly:
Temptation, Stain of Mind, The World Painted Blood songs. Also, I think it was great that they went on that "Seasons" tour last year with megadudes and testament but enough is enough. 5 songs off season! Go easy on that album, guys!!. 2-3 songs is nice but don't start playing the whole fuckin album again(They played War Ensemble, Dead Skin Mask, Hallowed Point, Seasons in the Abyss, Temptations at this gig)
Bloodline is good, it's probably my favorite new Slayer song. And by new Slayer I mean since they changed their sound(Divine intervention- present)

You're a Slayer fan? Odd because most Slayer fans would never complain about them playing anything from Seasons In The Abyss. Do Slayer fans like anything? you bitch about them when they play to many new songs and then you bitch about them when they play the old songs everyone wants to hear.
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