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Originally Posted by mars24 View Post
9 years ago, or 2 years ago, "it don't matter." They've been a greatest hits band for 20 years. But even when they released a pop album, they mixed it up live. In 2002 they could've played it safe, but didn't. Before the X tour, playing side 1 of High 'n' Dry live was a fantasy.
Actually it does matter a little. It' kind of like "what have you done for me lately" thing. The last time I saw them was on this tour and they didn't have any mainstream act opening. I didn't get a set like this at all. It was their greatest hits with like three new ones thrown in. You're right about before that tour playing the first half of HND was a fantasy because they had to wait for the album's 20th anniversary to do it. That's the reason they played it at some shows that tour since it had just turned 20 the year before.

Originally Posted by NickLed19 View Post
I would like to just hear Too Late For Love, why they don't play that is beyond me.
Wow, another regular that you've somehow missed. They rotated that with every other night with Foolin' on their last tour. So to say they don't play it at all isn't true.
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