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9 years ago, or 2 years ago, "it don't matter." They've been a greatest hits band for 20 years. But even when they released a pop album, they mixed it up live. In 2002 they could've played it safe, but didn't. Before the X tour, playing side 1 of High 'n' Dry live was a fantasy.

They were the biggest rock band on the planet in the late '80s. Two albums sealed their setlist fate. When they do these summer tours with even more commercial bands, they are aware the majority of the crowd will only know the hits. But when they do their own tours to support albums, they do mix it up a little more. But you'll always get the obvious dozen or so tunes. Then again, I saw them on the Adrenalize tour and they didn't do Photograph.

Women is my favorite Leppard song, and it's only occassionally added to a tour. Every time it's played, it'll get a from me.
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