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Originally Posted by logAnarchy View Post
Finally wrote a review for this. I only write reviews for albums that I actually have something unique to say about, and I felt like I did for this.


Hatred for Mankind, the title of Dragged Into Sunlight’s first full-length album, is fitting: the hate-filled atmosphere seems to fuel a misanthropic passion, of which the music reflects. Yet this record could just as easily be called Heart of Darkness.

Dragged Into Sunlight play some extremely pissed off death-doom. Normally, I don’t listen to death-doom, for it just too brutal to the ears. Doom metal typically bores and/or depresses me; combine it with death metal and it scares me. Dragged Into Sunlight is different, though: on a primal level, they fuckin’ terrify me. Make no mistake, this type of metal is not fun to listen to. But again, Dragged Into Sunlight is different. As far as misanthropic death-doom goes, this is fun to listen to. Listen to the impromptu solos in “Buried With Leeches” and “Volcanic Birth” and you’ll see that Dragged Into Sunlight don’t only know how to make a record bursting with emotion, they can actually write some pretty damn good songs. No shit, they actually have some really good riffs. They even break up the monotony with some thrashy and grindy passages. On the other hand, the vocals are entirely incomprehensible, and, honestly, I wouldn’t have it any other way. I hate to be cliche-sounding but, honestly, the only reasonable explanation for this phenomenon is that Dragged Into Sunlight have soul. They have a point to make, and they’re not gonna fuck around. This band is legitimately fucking angry. Either that, or they’re very good at pretending.

Pay close attention to the samples (of which there are many), read the lyrics, or even simply glance at the artwork, and you may catch a glimpse at what the band is trying to accomplish here. If you’ve ever read Heart of Darkness, you remember Marlow’s final epiphany, that man’s soul is full of evil, and that the evil is everywhere. The fact that there are people who are capable of making the type of music that only Dragged Into Sunlight can just proves that theme. Music like this just isn’t natural. Most people don’t wake up one day and decide to make a death-doom record, much less a Dragged Into Sunlight record. For these guys to have even attempted to make such a record, they must have ventured into the Congo.

To sum this review up: Conrad would be mighty proud.
Goddamn I've got to listen to this.
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