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^ Indeed. I only wish my business trip to Austin a few weeks ago had been a week later (which reminds me, I never did put up a gig report to go with the PRIMUS set list...fuck me, I suck ).

I've been dying to see Trap Them for a while now, and I missed them at Scion a few years ago because of schedule conflicts. I've also been meaning to check out Mammoth Grinder more thoroughly, too. Converge is always a gas live.

Re: Kylesa and your comment about the small pit during "Don't Look Back" - I can see what you mean. That's probably the most melodic song in that set (it does have a kinda punky vibe to it, though - like Sum 41 on Prozac). My guess is the crowd was just excited to hear Kylesa, and whatever the first song was, it was going to result in a pit. If my theory is correct, then I love you Austin people even more, because Kylesa is fast becoming one of my favorite bands, period. They got a great reaction in Cleveland at the Metalliance Tour, and they weren't even one of the headliners. I was pleased about that. Oh, and I almost forgot...I'm super jazzed that they ended the set with my favorite song of theirs. That's cool as fuck, man.

Great reviews. Glad you had a blast. Maybe I'll catch you there next year.
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