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I honestly don't hate on these guys for how seriously they take themselves. James Labrie is one cheesy-ass person, and I've accepted this. But beyond that - This will be their 11th full-length in a career spanning now 22 years since their debut album. I can't quote exact figures - but they sell a LOT of tickets on tour, and have sold a very, very respectable number of albums. Regardless of how much people might want to hate them and undermine them, they have graduated to pretty much the highest level a metal band can without being either "legendary" (see: Maiden, Priest, Metallica, Sabbath), or commercial/mainstream. It's not like we're talking about some piss ant little band making their 3rd album for their small fanbase. In the eyes of their core fanbase, they ARE gods, no matter how ridiculous that sounds to the many, many people who don't get them.
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