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Originally Posted by MPF View Post
19.) Mogwai- Hardcore Will Never Die, But You Will

The way I feel about Mogwai, when they are on, THEY ARE ON. But when they are off, they are really off. To me, this album has both of that. Some of their best work and some of their worst. I guess you can say this is an average album for Mogwai overall because the Ying and Yang are equal. It's a shame considering I love their last album, The Hawk is Howling. Not to say there isn't some great music on here, there is, but the bad songs overshadow it by far. Also their 22 minute bonus track, is pure atmospheric, not bad if it's not long, but 22 MINUTES? no thanks.

From the first moment I heard that song I instantly fell in love. I think it's absolutely incredible. It has the same affect on me as say watching 2001: A Space Odyssey does: when I start it I can't turn it off. It makes me really want to see what the art exhibit it was made for looks like...

I also disagree with your assertion about the rest of the album being somewhat bipolar. In curiosity, which songs do you think are good and/or bad?
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