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This set is full of so much awesome I cannot even comprehend it. Of course there are songs that would be cool (A Touch of Evil, Exciter, Delivering the Goods, the list goes on...) but this a DAMN sexy setlist. From the few videos that are on Youtube, they're still doing the set in E-flat, which isn't bad at all, but it's odd considering that Halford can do the songs in their original key no problem. Also, from what I heard on Heading Out to the Highway, Rob's voice is sounding downright amazing for a 60 year old man. He was actually hitting the screams perfectly! There isn't a bad song in the entire bunch, and they managed to do a 20 song set with both of their ridiculous(ly awesome) epics. This had to have been 2 hours if not more. I really hope they don't cut down any songs for the U.S. tour...

Just saw a vid of Hell Bent For Leather, they added a guitar solo after Glenn's for Ritchie! Pretty cool if you ask me. I also saw on Halford's forum that they had Living After Midnight written on the setlist as a second encore, but that the hot weather got to the band and they decided to end at You've Got Another Thing Comin'.

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