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Originally Posted by ChildrenofSodom View Post
Except ATR doesn't get played on the radio...

Having become of fan of Shadows Fall with the War Within album, I find most of their earlier songs unlistenable. Same with ATR. Too "raw" (not a good thing in this case) and it just sounds boring to me. Same old death metal. I think the melody, especially in the vocals department for both bands, is a good thing. Their new albums aren't my favorite, but they aren't an indication of "selling out". That would infer some sort of increased popularity as a result of changing their sound, and I'm not quite sure that has happened.
ATR did get 'Two Weeks' played on the radio a bit so it got them more noticed but it didn't get them gold or platinum sales. Which is what a once underground metal band needs to achieve in order for me to even start to consider them 'sellouts' of any kind. But then there's nothing wrong with trying a more appealing sound in an attempt to make more money at the job you do

Shadows Fall biggest peak in popularity was for TWW when they had a spot on Ozzfest while touring to support that album. I believe they opened the mainstage that year. I head that album has sold like 300,000 copies for them. Which is pretty good considering they've never gotten any radio play at all. TOL didn't sell that great and neither did Retribution. I don't think they've ever come close to selling out. I'm not sure if having the direct support slot when they toured with 5FDP last year helped them at all? We've gotta wait for their next album to come out to see if that gained them a bigger following or not.
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