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Progressive Nation Tour 2011/2012

Dream Theater
Symphony X
Creation's End
Seventh Wonder

Seventh Wonder

1. Welcome To Mercy Falls
2. Wiseman
3. Banish The Wicked
4. Temple In The Storm
5. Unbreakable
6. Waiting in The Wings
7. What I've Become
8. Alley Cat

Creation's End
1. Relic
2. Forsaken
3. Creation's End
4. World Holocaust
5. Of Shadow And Flame

1. Peel
2. Threads
3. **new song**
4. Bleed Me Dry
5. Scarred
6. **new song**
7. Another Day Dies
8. The Death Of Faith & Reason

Leave it Behind Us
Broken Wings
Blackened Dawn
The Essence Of Conviction
Dark Discovery
A Touch Of Blessing
To Fit The Mold

Symphony X
1. Iconoclast
2. Inferno(Unleash the Fire)
3. Eve Of Seduction
4. Of Sins and Shadows
5. Wicked
6. The Witching Hour
7. Set The World Afire
8. Reign Of Madness

Dream Theater
1. The Dark Eternal Night
2. Caught In A Web
3. War Inside My Head
4. As I Am
5. A Rite Of Passage
6. **new song**
7. These Walls
8. Through Her Eyes
9. Blind Faith
10. **new song**
11. Lifting Shadows Off A Dream
12. Lines In The Sand

13. Under A Glass Moon
14. Metropolis
15. Pull Me Under

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