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Marduk -- Brooklyn, NY -- June 3rd, 2011

Williamsburg Music Hall
support from Aura Noir, Black Anvil, HOD, Panzerfaust and Natur

Natur, a local NY band, has a maidenesque sound; they played with proficiency and heart. Panzerfaust had a sound which lived up to its name. Black Anvil was its incredibly entertaining usual self! Aura Noir spewed sparks and energy. Marduk simply slayed!!

what is life if not now!
ten talons deep
dead and left
angels to dust
with transparent blood

limbs of worship
burn my coffin
phosphorous redeemer
world funeral
the black
beyond the grace of god
materialized in stone
warschau 2: headhunter halfmoon
bleached bones
fistfucking god's planet
on darkened wings
hangman of prague
womd of perishableness
into utter madness
panzer division marduk
baptism by fire
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