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Macabre -- Montreal, Quebec -- June 3rd, 2011

Very good show, but kinda short. "Who Cares?" really surprised me; they're a very good death/grind band; and Macabre were great. Corporate Death said that they would release a Part 2 to "Grim Scary Tales" in 2012 and that they would come back within a year, which is great news.

Who Cares? (missing a lot)

Sick Trust
Mechanics of Winter
Lady Joy
(new song)
Pris Entre Deux
Nuclear Bride


In the Mouth of Madness
The Same Old Shit
(new song)
Lust for Carnage
Apocalyptic Chaos
Jesus Camp
Vengeance Incarnate

Macabre (middle of the setlist is a bit out of order)

Serial Killer
Temple of Bones
Montreal Massacre
Nero's Inferno
Mary Bell
The Black Knight
The Cat Came Back
Night Stalker
Fritz Haarman Der Metzger
Scrub a Dub Dub
You're Dying to Be With Me
The Bloody Benders
Vampire of Düsseldorf


Albert Was Worse Than Any Fish in the Sea
Ed Gein

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