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Originally Posted by treghet View Post
In a perfect world this album would have been great and this would have been the cover for it. It's not that it's a great cover, but it's better than the one they chose and it's just being used a pointless greeting image on their Facebook page.

Exactly. When I first saw that pic I was like "Oh, please be the album cover!". Listening to the live versions of Nevermore while looking at that pic conjured up so much optimism in me. And now those days of innocence are gone. It all came crashing down in a matter of weeks, from the album cover, to the song titles, to the samples, and now the actual album.

I will admit though that I'm liking the proper Morbid Angel songs on the new album more as I listen to them. I even dig I Am Morbid. But I will never like the industrial shite. And I will never accept these horrid lyrics or the spirit of the album as a whole.

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