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Originally Posted by kommie View Post
troll post of the year?

I saw Chelsea Grin open for Whitechapel too and they weren't anything special, but I didn't mind watching them. I wouldn't go for them, though.

Originally Posted by dcmetal108 View Post
I just want to see Chelsea Grin, In This Moment, and Iwresltedabearonce.
If that's the case, you need to listen to some more After the Burial. They are far and beyond the most talented band on this lineup.

Originally Posted by MPF View Post
Well actually I can go there and not have to pay a dime outside gas money.

My buddy from This Will Not End Well lives just above Station 4, and the St. Paul show is outside, so all I gotta do is go over to his place and open a window. I'd also be able to sit down whenever I wanted.

Then again I'd only go to See After The Burial and Born Of Osiris, and stare at that sexy singer of In This Moment.
Definitely do that! Don't pass up a free opportunity to see After the Burial, man. Thats a little weird that they're playing outside, though. Whatever.
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