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Mushroomhead -- San Antonio, TX -- June 1st, 2011

Venue: Backstage Live

The place actually had a decent crowd for a Wednesday night. Got to the club when (hed) PE was setting up. One funny side note Jared thanked everyone for coming out on a Tuesday a few times before someone corrected him, and he mentioned he didn't remember what had happened to the previous day and had no memory of Tuesday. Also for the tail in of the set there was a little 2 year old kid running around on stage chasing Product around (only in San Antonio). Like others have mentioned they only play half of a song, but I hadn't got a chance to see hed in a few years so I'll take what a can get. Setlist as follows/ I think I got everything right but I might be missing a few

(hed) PE
Truth Rising
Live or Die Free
Not Ded Yet
Game Over
Serpent Boy
Killing Time
Blackout (intro) / Raise Hell
Let's Ride
The Truth
Is this Love? (Bob Marley Cover)

Mushroomhead headlined and played pretty much the same set as they did the last time they came through here. I think they put on a great show. All in all a fun night and worth the price of admission. The one down side to this venue is they charge 10 bucks to park your car in an abandoned lot which to me is insane but what are going to do. Mushroomhead setlist as follows:

Come On
Sun Doesn't Rise
Save Us
Embrace the Ending
Kill Tomorrow
Solitaire Unraveling
Simple Survival
The Doubt
Burn The Bridge
Empty Spaces
Born of Desire
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