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Converge -- Chicago, IL -- May 30th, 2011

Venue: Reggies Rock Club
Bands: Converge, Trap Them, Burning Love, Eunuchs

Absolutely great show! It was probably the most packed I've seen Reggies, probably very close to sold out. Eunuchs were a really solid local punk/grind band. They set the mood pretty well. Burning Love was another punk-ish/grind (I guess) band. They had a pretty crazy singer, he got down into the crowd multiple times and pushed us around to try and get a pit going! It eventually worked. I like that tactic more than the singer saying, "Lets get a mosh pit!" If you really want one, get down there and start one yourself, dammit.

Trap Them were absolutely AWESOME live. I hope these guys get more and more attention and tours, because they were fucking great. A huge surprise for me; I didn't know quite what to expect from them. They just got on stage, and the singer put his leg up on the rail, and just stared us down with this evil fucking look, unlike any band I've seen before. The guitars and bass were droning, and the drums just slowly builded up for about a solid 2 minutes, getting louder and louder, with the singer not moving or flinching in his stare. Eventually, everyone was moshing before the first song even started! From there on out, they got an absolutely great crowd response. They even told us this was one of the best crowds they've had, ever. The singer was super humble and nice, also. They made me a huge, huge fan after their performance!

And, of course, the mighty Converge. What can I say? They were fucking flawless. Kurt was going insane on guitar, and Jacob was sweating like a madman. Completely legendary; you can tell that they've been doing this for years.

My only gripe, which was a rather large one, was that the venue, Reggie's, doesn't allow crowdsurfing or stagediving, and enforce it harshly. There were about 4 huge bouncers standing around the outside of the pit and stage, who would swoop in and carry off any dude who tried to jump up on someone's head. I mean, seriously? Really? This is Converge, man. Converge. I wish they would have played at the Bottom Lounge instead; that venue is basically the wild, wild west when it comes to stage antics. I also saw some bouncers and the bartender kick out a couple kids who were drinking beers in the crowd that didn't have ID's. Overall... I like Reggies as a venue, but their security really turned me off last night.

Anyway, Converge were spot on, yadda yadda yadda. Jacob was super nice to the crowd, and you could tell they really appreciated all the reception they got. He said they're all old men and are stupid as shit to keep touring, but its just too much fun. And of course, the pits were incredibly intense. I thought it was a lot of fun, but I can see how people say "Converge fans try to kill each other in pits". I think I got a little overly-violent myself... There's just something about Converge's music that makes me want to go crazy, unlike other metal bands. Its just pure, unadulterated energy in musical form.

I also picked up a pretty awesome Converge shirt that has a wolf pattern on the front that looks like Insanity Wolf! And a sweet limited poster of the event. AND FWI FOR ANYONE SEEING THEM THE REST OF THIS TOUR: They marked down all their shirts to $10 after tonight, so pick them up! All the designs are absolutely killer.

Setlists (Thanks to Statutory-Mike, its the same as the New York sets):

Trap Them
Fucking Viva
Angles Anonymous In Transit
Damage Prose
Every Walk A Quarantine
Saintpeelers (video I took of it)
Manic In the Grips
The Facts
Guignol Serene
Sordid Eearnings
Mission Convincers

Dark Horse
Runaway (new Song from their split 7" with Dropdead)
The High Cost of Playing God
Reap What You Sow
Worms Will Feed
On My Shield
Axe To Fall
First Light
Eagles Become Vultures
The Broken Vow
Last Light
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