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Originally Posted by smearCampaign View Post
Anyone catch Acid Witch or Hooded Menace?
Acid Witch were a clear highlight. The set was mostly heavy on the new record (Witchfynder Finder, Stoned to the Grave were played, they closed with Sabbath of the Undead and I believe they did more), with a couple songs off the first album (Witchblood Cult, The Black Witch) and an EP song (Worship The Worm). Keyboards were present! They were throwing out candy corn and lollipops from a jack-o-lantern as well.

Hooded Menace wasn't quite as strong as Acid Witch as I thought they would be..The slower-paced death doom just didn't translate as well, but they were solid and they seemed to garner a good response.

I hate Ghost but I'll admit their Disco Pop made for fun end-of-the-night party dancing.

Dead Congregation should have been the last band to play. They're up there in the Top 3 Live Death Metal bands, even giving the veterans Immolation & Suffocation a run for their money. The sound was somewhat off, but their sheer ferocity that easily called back to Immo/Suffo/Incantation in their heyday was extremely explosive.

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