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Thumbs up Bullet For My Valentine -- Washington, DC -- May 24th, 2011

I saw Bullet For My Valentine w/Halestorm at 930 club. A kind of odd pairing, but I enjoy both bands. Lizzy Hale (Halestorm) sounded fantastic live, and I didn't know she actually played lead on some of the songs(!!).

The crowd didn't seem to know who Halestorm was in general, but seemed to enjoy the set. Worst part was the drum solo (zzz... tho it was better than nearly all the other Drum solos I have the misfortune of hearing...He wasn't a bad drummer by any means but I would have rather heard a couple more songs instead). My favourite part was when Lizzy started talking about being a SLAVE TO THE GRIND then actually playing that SKID ROW song. I flipped out, and started \m/ banging my head. However it didn't seem like anyone around me at ALL knew what song it was... '...Poison' sounded fabulous as well. Overall Halestorm was great.

Bullet came on and the crowd absolutely love them. I thought they sounded very good, but their setlist could have used some tweaks (ending on 'Alone,' no 'Hearts Burst into Fire' My favourite song was '4 Words...' I know some people don't like Bullet, but I like them and that's why I went. I was not disappointed, very heavy, very energetic.

I should have gotten the $5 EP Halestorm had (also signed), but somehow I forgot ... Shirts that both bands had were not very exciting to me.


Love Bites (So DO I) (new song I think)
It's not you
Dirty Work
Nothing to DO with Love
Love Hate HeartBreak
American Boys (new song)
Familiar Taste of Poison
Drum solo (wtf)
Slave to the Grind (Skid Row cover!!)
What were you Expecting
I get off

Bullet for My Valentine

Your Betrayal
Pleasure & Pain
Waking the Demon
The Last Fight
Bittersweet Memories
Say Goodnight
Hand of Blood
Scream Aim Fire
4 Words to Choke Upon
Tears Don't Fall
Alone (ending on *this*?)

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