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ZZ Top -- Lampe, MO -- May 27th, 2011

Pretty sure this will probably be the one and only time anybody will probably ever see a review for Lampe, Mo. Although I did actually hear that one of the first years of Ozzfest actually came through here and got to see Sepultura and Fear Factory. Pretty jealous. Anyway, when I saw thus was coming there was no way I would pass this up. Call them a tribute band or whatever but Skynyrd still puts on a better show than a lot of bands I've seen that are half their age. Really the only down side is dealing with the redneck/good ol boy crowd but I've seen them 3 or 4 times so its not anything new to me. Plus ZZ Top is one of my favorite live bands, Billy Gibbons is someone that I think anyone should see who really appreciates guitar. Its pretty consistent that you always know what you are getting with both bands and this time was no different. I do have some bitching about the venue. Show started @ 7. Got to the highway road where the venue was at probably right around 7. This road was an absolute clusterfuck. It took literally an hour and a half to go about 10 miles down a 2 lane highway then had to find some random lot to park that was about a mile away from the venue. Luckily Skynyrdplayed first between the 2 which I was sweating but was quite happy about but that's just my personal preference. As we were walking to the amphitheatre I could hear Skynyrd started already and were doing Simple Man. Very fucking frustrating. Only thing I'm really sad about not hearing is Working For mMCA, didn't hear that last time I saw them and its one of my favorite Skynyrd songs. I will give major credit to Black Oak Amphitheatre, I worried I'd have a hard time bc my dad purchased the tickets and the tickets were lost in that bastard tornado but they weren't a pain at all and new tickets were printed in minutes. They were doing Sweet Home Alabama by the time we got to our seat. Obviously no need to mention the encore. Blame it on the tornado and all the sadness and death I've heard in the last week plus the funeral I had to go to for a former co-worker who gave his life to save others at the Home Depot but I'll admit Freebird meant a little something to me this time. I'm upset that all I got was 1.5 songs but at this point but I was happy to be out of town at a show. Kinda happy not having to hear their new album which is like a half assed country album. Obviously I don't have their set but doubt they are really changing anything up from other shows. Courtesy of

Working For MCA
I Ain't The One
Skynyrd Nation
What's Your Name
Down South Junk
That Smell
T For Texas
Simple Man
Gimmie Back My Bullets
Gimmie Three Steps
Sweet Home Alabama

Now onto my main reason for wanting to go. I've yet to see a ZZ Top show that I didn't enjoy. My only is that this is easily the quietest show I've ever been to. I've never recalled a time where I could carry on a conversation while a band is playing. Pretty basic stage setup other than Frank Beard having one of the coolest drumkits I've ever seen. Wish that ZZ would do something other than just their singles. It was a pretty standard set, nothing I'd never seen them do before. Hopes started to get up, they did about 30-45 seconds of My Head's In Mississippi which I'd never heard live before. Sadly that was short lived. Billy Gibbons just seems to personify cool on stage. Before doing their blues cover that he said they wrote in 1932, he said he needed his blues hat so a girl not wearing much came out with a new hat for him. Him and Dusty were wearing black Future Farmers of America jackets and talked about how the band has been "going green for 40 years", LOL great stuff. Would have liked to hear I Heard It On The X or Tube Snake Boogie which I haven't heard them do in years. This set is correct and in order:

Got Me Under Pressure
Waiting For The Bus
Jesus Just Left Chicago
I'm Bad, I'm Nationwide
Future Blues (Willie Brown)
Cheap Sunglasses
My Heads In Mississippi - Partial
I Need You Tonight
Party On The Patio
Just Got Paid Today
Gimmie All Your Lovin'
Sharp Dressed Man
La Grange / Sloppy Drunk Jam

Great show as neither have ever let me down. I'm hitting up Sunday at Rocklahoma tomorrow so I hope to have that up fairly soon.
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