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Seether -- Cleveland, OH -- May 27th, 2011

It was up in the air who I was going to go to this show with. Originally it was going to be with my parents and sister since I didn't have any friends that are into music that would be willing to go. Then I was talking to my girlfriend and even though she's not into that music she said she would go with me because she's never been to a rock concert.

So come concert day, something comes up for her and she can't go, so I ended up going with my parents afterall. Which isn't a huge problem, cause my parents are cool, but I really wish I had some friends that were into rock and metal.

This show was a part of the big rib burn off, so we got there early and decided to get some food. They weren't opperating on money there, you had to buy these tickets and then the tickets bought your food and drinks. However someone didn't do the math right and $20 bought you 16 tickets... however beer, for example was sold for 5 tickets. It just made it hard to get things we went through like $60 in tickets in 30 minutes trying to get food and drinks for the three of us. A bucket of french fries, with cheese on them was 9 tickets... what's that like $11 for french fries?

Anyway, while we were eating some local band came on. They were kinda meh to me. I really can't say who they sounded like, Its like on the tip of my tongue but I can't think of it. Not a style I really listen to.

We went into the pavilion to catch the end of their set and wait for Seether. I could have bought pit tickets for $30, or could have just bought bleacher seats for $10 a ticket, coincidentally just the price of admission to the festival. Needless to say I didn't spring for pit tickets. I can't really see my parents going into the pit, not to mention I'm not overly fond of it myself, since I can't see the people that are coming at me.

So we ended up in the front row of the bleachers, just behind the pit. It wasn't that far maybe 50 feet away.

Seether took the stage at 9:15 and played till 10:30. I knew every song of course, and quite a few people in the crowd did too, except when he told us to sing in fake it and then I swear I was the only one around me who knew the words.

This was my third time seeing Seether, and I have enjoyed their shows each time. I got to hear 4 songs this time I'd never heard before, pig, fur Cue, heart shaped box, and country song. It does strike me as odd that Sean Morgan says so little to the crowd, this time I don't even think he said hello. He really didn't say much till between fake it and remmady where he thanked people for coming and made us cheer for the opener and so forth. I've seen other bands who don't interact much with the crowd and they sucked live, however it seems to work for Seether. He makes the music important, not what he has to say.

Fine again
Driven Under
Drum Solo
Fur Cue
Heart Shaped Box (Nirvana Cover)
Country Song
Rise above This
Fake It

Personal favorites: Besides the whole set which I loved,
Pig (they first played this song on may Tenth for the first time in 6 years. Since then they've only played it at about 3 shows, at other times playing burrito or no resolution in that slot. So I wasn't expecting to get it and I've never heard it live)
Heart Shaped Box (as much as I love seether's cover of careless whisper, I've seen it live twice already so I was really glad to get a different cover this tour. Heart shaped boxhas always been one of my favorite covers they do, and before I saw the set lists for this tour thought it was a song I would never get to see them do live)

Low points: I'm not sure a set from one of my favorite bands can have low points but there are a couple slight irritations.
Broken (I love the song, and always have. But They really sorta half ass it live anymore, they never play the whole thing. It really comes across that they don't want to play it live anymore but kind of have to.)
Country Song (I love this song too, and I also really enjoyed it live, it was a fun song and the whole crowd was clapping. My complaint comes from the fact that in all the live versions I've heard save maybe one, Sean Never gets the Lyrics right. He always mixes them up in one way or another. I know its a new song, but reherse or something... If he had a problem with this on other songs I would think it was deliberate but even though he purposely changes Lyrics on driven under, which is pretty cool, this does not come across as on purpose, but getting screwed up. If a guitarest played their solo backwards would it be ok? It makes it hard to sing along when you're not sure what verse he's gonna put where)

Overall, This was a great show. The first show I've seen since last september. Deffinatly more than worth the money and trip up to cleveland. I really want to go back up on sunday to See Bullet for my Valentine and Hailstorm, anyone wanna go with me? lol.

Rating: 9/10
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