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Hey guys, a bit of an update here.

Musically, my guitarist and I have finished 5 songs for the new album. 2 of them are brutal as fuck (I never thought I'd say that about a band I was in), 1 is the most genre changing song I've heard outside of Noise Rock (trust me, it's a legit song) with Prog, Death Metal, Thrash, Pop, acoustic, etc. and 2 songs that are going to take everyone by total shock (1 song that I actually changed from a Metallica style ballad to what it has become now; and a song that can only be described drum-wise as Electronica Verses/ Sean Reinhert at full blast choruses)

We also revamped the Facebook page a tad, making the 4 songs streaming, easier to find in the BandPage section (just underneath the info section):

Possible new demos coming out in the near future, along with shows.

Thanks for all the support!
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