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Originally Posted by TP
The Ides Of March (Intro)
Murders In The Rue Morgue
Another Life
The Trooper
Remember Tomorrow
Run To The Hills
Charlotte The Harlot
Where Eagles Dare
Die With Your Boots On
Phantom Of The Opera
Number Of The Beast
Hallowed be Thy Name
Iron Maiden
Running Free

Nice set list overall.

85 minutes it too short though.

I like the setlist, but I am kind of suprised.

My thoughts....

Setlist: I was expecting them to play Wrathchild, Children of the Damned, Killers, and 22 Acacia Avenue instead of Prowler, Charlotte the Harlot, Remember Tomorrow, Another Life, and Running Free. But I am really happy they added Murders in the Rue Morgue and Drifter.

Length: If in fact that is the full setlist, I am really suprised that they played only 85 minutes for the European shows. I thought they would get two hours like everybody anticipated. Then again, Maiden are getting old. People shouldn't whine about it though, Maiden are giving us a special treat.

As for Ozzfest, I expect them to toss out one or two of those songs, probably Charlotte the Harlot being one of them, and Drifter if Bruce does Sting imitation part. But I'd rather have Running Free tossed out of the list because Drifter sounded amazing on Beast Over Hammersmith, especially when Bruce sang those escalating falsettos. I am positive that the setlist will be 75 minutes long.

I am most looking foward to Where Eagles Dare, Phantom of the Opera, Revelations, Murders in the Rue Morgue, and of course, Hallowed Be Thy Name.

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