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Originally Posted by Nick_to_the_face View Post
Isn't that band that came from Iraq?
Yep it's the band from the documentary Heavy Metal In Baghdad. I'm pretty sure it's on Netflix instant watch if anyone hasn't seen it and has Netflix.

I hit up this show after the Primus show at Stubbs around the corner. I got there before Eagle Claw started and got a text from Razor_shark, so I met up with him and Natrlhi outside the venue and shot the shit for about a half an hour or so before they had to head out. I went back into Red 7 for Eagle Claw; who is a great local instrumental metal band. Acrassicauda came up next and gave us a solid slab of thrash on a Tuesday night. You can definitely hear the Metallica/Testament influence in their stuff and it even has a Death sound to it at times. You can also pick up on some Middle Eastern influence in the guitars and drums, but not to the extent of something like Melechesh. A good showing from these guys, they have a lot of potential so hopefully they can flesh it out into their own sound because they definitely have the talent to do so.
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