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Zerkz's Top Ten Metal Albums of His Life

I'm turning 21 tomorrow, but Metal has been with me probably since the womb just about. My dad was a rabid Ozzy fanatic (mostly Rhoads-era stuff), and apparently I used to kick to the tunes.

Anyways here goes.

10. 3 Inches of Blood - Advance of Vanquish
A great fun band to see live. Having seen them three times, I don't see myself stopping for repeats.
Wykydtron -

9. Korn - Korn
Bring on the hate. This is just a great album. One of the gateway bands I had as a teen. If you can't find something heavy on this album, there is something wrong.
Divine -

8. Dream Theater - Images and Words
Almost falling out of the realm of what some would consider Metal, but still staying thanks to the killer guitar work by Mr. Petrucci. One of their most popular albums, but one of the best to listen to for me.
Learning to Live -

7. Beyond the Embrace - Against the Elements
Probably one of the least known bands on this list. Probably defunct now, this album just holds so many good jams.
Rapture -

6. Dark Tranquility - The Gallery
I remember blasting Punish My Heaven when I was dating this one girl. She didn't like it too much. Why? Hardcore Christian.
...Of Melancholy Burning -

5. Shadows Fall - The Art of Balance
My main breakthrough to more extreme metal, which I wouldn't discover until 2006.
Stepping Outside the Circle -

4. Tool - Aenema
This album exposed me to quite a bit of different things in life. One being progressive metal, Bill Hicks, and a more so open mind.
Eulogy -

3. Amon Amarth - With Oden On Our Side
The first AA Album I ever purchased. I'm going to have seen them three times this August. They never fail to disappoint. Great music to play video games to.
Gods of War Arise -

2. Agalloch - Marrow of the Spirit
I lost my virginity while listening to this. Nuff' Said. (and I actually did tell John Haughm about this... his reaction was funny).
Into the Painted Grey -

1. In Flames - Colony
I'm biased with this, but this album has been listened to atleast once a week in my life since I discovered it. I even have a tattoo of the Clayman album art and some of the lyrics from Pinball Map on my arm (granted, not from Colony of course).
Coerced Coexistence -
(and practically every other song on this album)

Thanks for reading.
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