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Originally Posted by Blitzkrieg Witchcraft View Post
They need to drop the guitar and drum solos. They're just tedious and no one gives a fuck. They could have played another song or two instead.
Frankly I found the guitar and drum solos rather interesting actually. When you have guitarists as amazing as Reb Beach and especially Doug Aldrich, a guitar solo is hardly annoying to me. Also, the drum solo was a pretty good way for Brian Tichy to prove himself more than worthy of the job, though I admit it did run a bit long.

I do agree that I would have preferred another song or two instead of the solos though, but I know Coverdale needs a few breaks in the show. This set could've been a lot better overall though if they just added some tunes like Crying in the Rain, Bad Boys, or Don't Break My Heart Again. Something else off Slip of the Tongue wouldn't hurt either.
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