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I was at this show. Your setlist is correct. I really liked Mine Enemies Fall a lot. I also liked Threat Level. Soldiers of Scrape plays almost every single Harpos show.

I don't mind the # of bands, but Harpos has 2 stages, so use them both! That way DD can go on at a reasonable time and the local bands can play more than 15-20 min each. It's so pointless to sit through 9 set changes on one stage at a venue w/ 2 stages so you can see each local band play 3 songs and have the headliner start at 11:15.

As far as the biggest Harpos crowd... DEFINITELY the Hatebreed/God Forbid show a few years ago where they filmed the DVD. All 3 levels of Harpos were packed that night. I started that show in the pit, and it took me 10 minutes to move about 15 feet to get out of there. Saturday's show had a big crowd, though. WAY bigger than last August when DD played at Harpos w/ Kittie & Kataklysm.
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