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Hahaha. Ahhh.... Harpo's. Sounds like you had fun. That place is so shitty and awesome. The first show I saw there when I was in high school in '99 was Slipknot opening, followed by Machine Head with Coal Chamber headlining.... oh how times have changed. That was the first venue I had been to when I was under 21 that they would serve to minors; so me and my friends would do Jager bombs and head for the pit, we thought we were metal as fuck. I've never really gotten into the DevilDriver records, but they usually put on a really good show. The last time I saw DevilDriver at Harpo's it was with Napalm Death, so that will be a hard one to top.

Congrats on your first show at Harpo's. You ever get the feeling that one of those big lights is going to fall from the ceiling onto the crowd?
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