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DevilDriver -- Detroit, MI -- May 21st, 2011

Okay so here is a review on the DevilDriver show in Detroit last weekend. I am mostly a lurker on here so I haven't written much on here. I know someone posted a setlist so I thought to write a full review.

So my brother, cousin, and I ventured from Bay City down to Detroit to see DevilDriver and an bunch of local bands to play at the world famous Harpos. This was my first "club show" and it was great. Doors opened at 5 and we arrived about ten minutes after doors opened as my brother and cousin went and got beer I got a table on the second level because I knew they wouldn't be down on the floor(pussies).

The first band that was up I didn't cathch the name of but they gad a generic groove metal sound with only about 30 people watching them which it looked like it was their fan club that was screaming at the top of their lungs. Towards the end of their set they tried to get a pit started but didn't work very well. 6/10

Next band up was Last Seen Dead. Their was a reason they were Last Seen Dead, they were a very horrible Deathcore band. This band had less people watching them then the first band. They played about 4 songs and 4 songs too many. 1/10

If my memory serves me right Full Strike Frenzy is up. This was the first band I went down on the floor for and it was fun. They sounded like Hatebreed and now alot of people were coming down from the bar and getting into the pit and it was one of the better pits I have been in with alot of huge 6'4 men in it. The sound was a little sketchy but it was a local band what do you expect. 7/10

Threat Level was the next band. I really didn't see why the crowd was into them they sounded like a Lamb Of God rip off with pantera riffs. I went up and bought some water and hung out with my cousin. 4/10

Medica is up and wow they sucked. So after about an 30 min. wait they came on and no one could hear the vocals. About 3 songs through Harpos turned back on Pantera and got huge cheers from the crowd. They looked pissed as they walked off stage. So I am guessing they were cut off and for good reason. I am not sure how to describe them i guess I would say somewhat of a Deathcore with a little of groove in. 2/10

Then a band that blew me away. Mine Enemies Fall came on after a 5 min. setup that's what I'm talking about. When they came out to very loud cheers. I got right into the pit for this Machine Head like band. The pit really started going as I got knocked on my ass a few times. It was a short 30 min. set but it was a great time. 8/10

The last local band was Soldiers Of Scrape. By this time my cousin made his way donw by me and actually went in the pit which is unlike him. As I watched these guys because I enjoyed their almost Death Metal sound he got nailed in the nose and came stumbling out. They had a very energized set. And their last song was entitled beer and I think I got hit with 3 cups of beer being thrown up. 8/10

Now is the reason we all came DevlDriver. AS I looked through the crowd I noticed it was a very rough crowd with only a few douche bags walking around. My cousin who has been here many times said this was one of the most crowded concerts at Harpos he has been to. They opened up with End Of The Line and the pit opened up and crowd surfing got going. One thing I haven't seen before are the stage divers I think I counted 5. As I got in the pit for Impending Disaster and Not All Who Wander Are Lost I lost my shoe and got my shirt ripped . DevilDriver played about an 1 30 min. set. It was a generic set but it was fun with songs like Head on to Heartache (Let Them Rot), Pray For Villions and You Make Me Sick. Then also the classics like Clouds Over California, Hold Back The Day, and Meet the Wretched. I don't remember all the songs they played but here are the ones I remember. 9.5/10
1.End of the Line
2.Impending Disaster
3.Not All Who Wander Are Lost
4.Dead to Rights
5.Clouds Over California
6.I Could Care Less
7.Head on to Heartache (Let Them Rot)
8.Hold Back the Day
9.These Fighting Words
10.You Make Me Sick
12.Pray for Villians
13.Meet the Wretched
14.Before the Hangman's Noose
Overall it was a very fun experience even though I lost a shoe in the pit. The staff is very laid back and fun. Even though it's in a rough part of town we had no problems at all. The merch was generic and I have seen the shirts before for about $20 when they were $25 there.
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