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Disturbed -- Milwaukee, WI -- May 21st, 2011

So this my first show review here and since I'm not the most experienced review writer I'm sorry if this is boring for some of you.

Where do I start? I just turned 18 on May 6 and my mom got me the tickets as part of my birthday present. I went to the show with a family friend who is moderately interested in Disturbed. He has their first album The Sickness and actually saw them open for the Stone Temple Pilots in 2000.

This was my first Disturbed show and that was very exciting, since they were only the second metal band I got into, the first being System Of A Down who are back together but unfortunately aren't touring the midwestern United States right now.

Anyways, this was an off-date for Disturbed because it was one of the three tour dates they were doing in between the end of the Music As A Weapon V tour and the Mayhem tour which they'll be part of in the summer.

Okay, on to the actual show. It was at The Rave and was scheduled to start at 8:00 while the doors opened an hour earlier. We got there around 7:10 and we found a spot in the balcony because neither of us were interested in venturing into the mosh pit. There were two opening bands, Art Of Dying and Nonpoint.

Art Of Dying came on a minute before the scheduled show starting time and played a 39 minute set from 7:59-8:38. I only knew one of their songs which was called Die Trying. This was their second time at The Rave this year, the first being on 25 when they were part of the Avalanche Tour which also included Skillet and Stone Sour. I thought they were excellent, although their guitar sound eminded me of the AFI guitar sound. Needless to say I was impressed and will be buying their new album Vices & Virtues on iTunes very soon especially since Adam Gontier, of the band Three Days Grace who I am also a big fan of, has a guest spot on the album. As a matter of fact Adam Gontier is the cousin of the bass player of Art Of Dying, Cale Gontier.

Nonpoint played a 48 minute set from 8:54-9:42. I only knew their cover of the Phil Collins song In The Air Tonight prior to the show which they played at the show. He did announce two other song titles though, so if there are Nonpoint fans reading this I can tell you they also played Alive And Kicking and Crazy. I thought they were an average band, but I did think the singer was a good frontman. He successfully got the audience involved and pumped up for Disturbed.

I barely recognized any of the songs played over the P.A. in between sets last night but that could be because those songs were mixed pretty quiet. But shortly before Disturbed came on, Creeping Death by Metallica was played over the P.A. which I sang along to.

Finally, the moment I came for arrived Disturbed played a 79 minute set from 10:13-11:32. I wrote down the set while I was there and here it is:

The Game
The Infection
Land Of Confusion
The Animal
Inside The Fire
Another Way To Die
Ten Thousand Fists

Drum Solo
Down With The Sickness

Not surprisingly, Disturbed kicked ass and put on a show of epic awesomeness. I had a fucking awesome time. Regarding the setlist, Haunted was an unexpected surprise and so was the drum solo before Down With The Sickness. The only song I felt that was wrongly excluded from the set was Stricken. Usually I find more than one so that's pretty damn good.

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