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Destruction -- Santa Ana, CA -- May 20th, 2011

This is a show I've been really looking forward to since the tour was announced, since Destruction is my favorite thrash band. I bought my tickets from Mike (Gravehill vocalist) a few months back, so when I got to the venue I was going to walk in, but the doorman said those who are under 21 must purchase $5 drink tickets (good for two water bottles). I knew the venue did this, but I figured since I bought tickets beforehand it wouldn't matter. I had to go back to the box office and get the drink tickets for my friend and I, which was a little annoying, but whatever.

Anyway, when we got in I went and checked out the merch. I was very happy to find that Destruction had Release From Agony shirts, so I got one of those. Then we waited for the first opening band, Deception, to come on. They are pretty good for a local band and their lead guitarist can really shred. The guitars were a bit low in the mix though, so at times it was hard to hear what was going on.

After they finished up we noticed that hardly anybody had reserved dinner tables, so we went and sat down at one. Usually the security will make you move, but nobody seemed to care since hardly anybody had reserved them. Gravehill was setting up by this time, and I was pretty excited to see them. I'm not that into them on recordings, but they always put on a great show. This show was also their CD release show for the new album When All Roads Lead to Hell, so we got to hear some new songs for the first time. During their set their was a bit of a crackling noise, but otherwise I really enjoyed their set. Just like the last time I saw them, the crowd was really into them. They had good circle pits going throughout the set and had everybody headbanging. After the last song Bob smashed his guitar on the stage and they walked off with the crowd cheering.
  1. Unholy Executioner
  2. Devil Worshiper
  3. Murder
  4. Hell Metal Holocaust
  5. Ravager
  6. Decibel Ritual

Next up was Warbeast, a band I actually had not heard of before they were put on this tour. Out of all the retro thrash bands out there, I would say they are one of the best ones. I did not really like Bruce's vocals though. I think he sounded a lot better on the Rigor Mortis releases. They got the crowd going pretty good at some points, but I think Gravehill had a better reception than they did.
  1. Stalker
  2. Unleashed
  3. Krush the Enemy
  4. It
  5. Self Will Run Riot
  6. Birth of a Psycho

With Heathen I felt like the show really got started. Honestly, I'm not a really big Heathen fan, and would have rather seen Deströyer 666, but damn did they put on a good performance. David's vocals sounded phenomenal and those dual guitar harmonies were simply beautiful. I'm not going to complain about them playing mostly new stuff because The Evolution of Chaos is actually pretty good, and David said that next time they tour they will be playing more songs from the first two albums.
  1. Dying Season
  2. Control By Chaos
  3. Arrows of Agony
  4. Open the Grave
  5. Hypnotized
  6. No Stone Unturned
  7. Fade Away
  8. Death By Hanging

Last but not least, Destruction! Opening with "Curse the Gods" was incredible and the pit really got intense during "Mad Butcher". Although I'm not a big fan of the new album, the songs sounded great live, and Schmier's bass part in "Armaggedonizer" was pretty cool. I liked how they had three mics set up on stage, so he spent time going around the stage, instead of just standing in one spot the entire time like most guys do. He can still nail those high notes perfectly, and of course, the rest of the band sounded great as well. I managed to get up front about halfway through the set and thoroughly enjoyed myself, headbanging until my neck was in pain. I was very satisfied with the amount of older songs in the set, although we did not get "Invincible Force", which is one of my favorite Destruction songs. If I could, I would go to the show in Yucaipa today just to see them again.
  1. Curse the Gods
  2. Mad Butcher
  3. Armaggedonizer
  4. Hate Is My Fuel
  5. Eternal Ban
  6. Life Without Sense
  7. D.evolution
  8. Thrash Till Death
  9. Nailed to the Cross
  10. Death Trap
  11. Metal Discharge
    -- drum solo --
  12. The Price
  13. Bestial Invasion
  14. Release From Agony
  15. The Butcher Strikes Back
  16. Total Desaster
9.1 Deiphago / Volahn
10.9 Pseudogod
10.14 Bölzer
10.18 Archgoat

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