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Originally Posted by treghet View Post
It's really not like that. Of course there will be a couple people that are out for blood, but the same thing occurs at metal shows. I've seen a lot more of that kind of stuff happen at deathcore shows, where people dancing in the pit will intentionally hit those who aren't dancing.
This. I have to say, the dance is more of like an individual way of expression rather than a physical interaction with others. But still, people get jacked naturally when it happens. I for one got the air knock out of me by some guy's kick, but I just shrugged it off and told myself, "you get involved with this, you know something like this is gonna happen..."

What I feel REALLY bad about is that during "Stick Tight", the second time I stagedived I accidently clocked this poor girl it the face with my knee. I could tell it hurt her really bad. About halfway through Terror's set, also, some stagedivier caught me with a foot square to my face by accident. My lip got cut and was bleeding pretty profusely; hence the reason I sat out by the side and filmed the last part of the set Its healed up pretty well, though. I feel proud to have that wound.

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