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Originally Posted by jd091 View Post
Now in my past experience, I had only experienced "hardcore dancing" at metalcore and deathcore shows, with stupid kids doing it. This hardcore dancing was totally different; much more violent and expressive, with these older guys doing it, guys who have been involved in the Chicago scene for years and years by my estimation. And yet, oddly, it totally fit the groove of the music. It was really cool just to kind of stand back and watch these guys go at it- the "hardcore dance" was theirs, they were the generation and group that invented it. Kids nowadays just take it and bastardize it to shitty music. The whole "Keepers of the Faith" motto seemed to make more and more sense to me as I watched everyone; these were the true fans of hardcore, keeping it alive while all these new scenes popping up nowadays are bastardizing it.


I appreciate the hardcore dance more for what its made for: hardcore punk music. Nowhere there is the word "metal" involved. The mosh is the ways of death metal and thrash metal, while hardcore has this other unique element to it. And after seeing it live and experiencing it firsthand, I understand it. Never in a million years would I think I could say that. So to any metalheads here who hate the dance: go to a real hardcore show. Watch what happens, stand in the back even. Its really an amazing sight to behold!
I have to agree with all of this. While I can't say I will ever be into hardcore dancing, it really does make sense when you see a hardcore show. The dancing goes with the music, unlike in metalcore / deathcore when people only do it when there's a breakdown. And 90% of the people (if not more) at the metalcore / deathcore shows don't even know what they're doing anyway. They're mostly kids who just started doing it because they thought it looked cool.

Also, I'm glad you liked Trapped Under Ice! I assume they had to cut "Stay Cold", but I'm sure it was still a good time.
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