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Originally Posted by DrPogo View Post
The Pledge of Allegiance Tour!

I am not trying to be a dick, but I remember System's setlist, and the first couple are right, but they defintely didn't go right into "Jet Pilot" and "X," in fact, I don't even remember them playing "X."

Rammstein, even in third support, kicked ass too. They did the fire and the whole nine yards, but the Pepsi Arena's stage was a little smaller than what they are playing on now. This was RIGHT after Mutter came out, and again, I'm not sure they opened with "Buck Dich". I think they opened with "Rammstein" and then played "Links 2,3,4" because I remember Til's drum out on the stage when their set began.
I found the System/Slipknot lists on, and the Rammstein I said was out of order/incomplete/from my memory.
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