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Pledge of Allegiance

The Pledge of Allegiance Tour!

Thank you so much for posting this. I remember I was on the floor, and it was one of the first shows that Corey did the "jump the fuck up" thing during "Spit it Out."

I am not trying to be a dick, but I remember System's setlist, and the first couple are right, but they defintely didn't go right into "Jet Pilot" and "X," in fact, I don't even remember them playing "X."

American Head Charge played first and the lead singer (I think he went by Martin Cock, or something) had this jumpsuit on with "Cock" spray painted on the back. They actually lit the place up (remember this was 2001, nu-metal was in full-form) They opened with "All Wrapped Up." and it was great. I caught his goggles when he threw them off.

No One is a band that I still listen to today, as their album is really good. They were extremely simple, drop-D nu-metal, but I liked their vocalist and their rhythm. Some of you may remember "Chemical" by them. It got some air-play.

Rammstein, even in third support, kicked ass too. They did the fire and the whole nine yards, but the Pepsi Arena's stage was a little smaller than what they are playing on now. This was RIGHT after Mutter came out, and again, I'm not sure they opened with "Buck Dich". I think they opened with "Rammstein" and then played "Links 2,3,4" because I remember Til's drum out on the stage when their set began.

System and Slipknot both had just released their second albums, and Iowa was fresh off the press. Toxicity, I think, was out a little beforehand. Both bands did great, and the crowd was equally receptive for each of them. I loved this show. Nowadays, you would be paying over a 100 bucks for that kind of show. My ticket stub says $30.00
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