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Originally Posted by jd091 View Post
I was super torn since I really, REALLY wanted to see this show... But Terror was playing over at the Bottom Lounge. Goddamn, that was one of the craziest fucking things I've ever done, I'll write a review tomorrow. There was actually a guy at the Terror show with a Sepultura shirt on, and all I could think was, "why the fuck are you HERE?!"

Cool review, though! Belphegor sounds great, and that's too bad people didn't go crazy for the newer Sepultura stuff.
I would've loved to see Terror but a lot of people I knew were going to Sepultura, and I love them and Belphegor. I also had to buy my friend's 4 day Maryland Deathfest pass there anyway. And I really don't like Sepultura's new stuff, it's kinda catchy but overall not good.
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