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Sepultura -- Chicago, IL -- May 19th, 2011

Bonded by Blood apparently is not finishing this tour, so they didn't play which was pretty disappointing.

Before the show there was a free one going on in the record store above the venue. Two local bands and Acrassicauda, who were featured in the documentary Heavy Metal in Baghdad. I got there when one of the local bands was finishing. Acrassicauda were really good, if anyone on here hasn't heard of them I suggest you check them out. They were also playing another show after Sepultura finished but I was gone by then.

After Acrassicauda finished I went down to the venue a little after Neuraxis started. I'm not a big Neuraxis fan at all so I don't have a set list but they were pretty good.

I went to get food after they finished and came back right before Keep of Kalessin finished. I had never listened to them before but they were good as well.

Next up was Hate and I thought they were amazing when I saw them with Rotting Christ 2 months ago, but holy crap they topped that performance easily. I don't know what it was but they were even better tonight. Set list was the same as the Rotting Christ tour, but I can't complain. Also, Hex is an awesome song to headbang to.

Hate set list:
Resurrection Machine
Luminous Horizon

Belphegor was next and let me tell you, they have to be the funniest band I've ever seen. Not funny as in they were awful (they were fucking awesome) but just the way the frontman talks. BIGGEST Austrian accent I have ever heard, pronounces Chicago "CHEE KAH GOH" and says the funniest stuff (i.e. WE'LL SEE YOU AGAIN, MOTHERFUCK!!!) I couldn't stop laughing whenever he talked but regardless, they were incredible live again. Set list is mostly new stuff again, but that's what happens when you put out a new album.

Belphegor set list:
In Blood - Devour This Sanctity
Belphegor: Hell's Ambassador
Angeli Mortis De Profundis
Impaled Upon The Tongue Of Sathan
Lucifer Incestus
Rise To Fall And Fall To Rise
Bondage Goat Zombie

I didn't know what to expect with Sepultura. It was either gonna be really good or really bad. It was actually both for me. When they came on the place went nuts for Arise and Refuse/Resist, but as their set went on everyone looked really bored, myself included. I've never listened to anything after Arise minus some songs off of Chaos A.D. and Roots, but from what I heard it was pretty boring. Of course during the older songs everyone was happy and/or moshing but for the new stuff, we could all do without it. Somebody actually was holding up a sign that said "BENEATH THE REMAINS!!!" which would make my night if they played it but of course they didn't.

At one point the vocalist asked if we liked the album Schizophrenia, and of course everyone went crazy. So they played the beginning of From the Past Comes the Storms and Septic Schizo but just the intro riffs. They did the same thing with the Arise album but with just the beginning of Desperate Cry. They also did a cover song, sounded punk but I had no clue what it was in the middle of the set. I guess it was a bonus for us, only reasonable explanation is that Chicago is that awesome! They also did a hilarious soft rock jam near the end for fun!

Sepultura set list:
Dead Embryonic Cells
Convicted in Life
What I Do!
The Treatment
Troops of Doom
Escape to the Void
Meaningless Movements
Biotech Is Godzilla
Inner Self
??? - They did one of their own songs but I couldn't tell what it was at all.
Roots Bloody Roots

So overall, it was a great show. None of the bands disappointed and it was a fun time. I also caught guitar picks from Belphegor and Hate, so that was awesome. My friend I came with also got Sepultura's set, so the set list was taken from that. The other song they played before Roots was something they threw in on the spot, the vocalist said something after they finished it along the lines of "That was great, no practice!"
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