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Originally Posted by EvilCheeseWedge View Post
If the record companies really want to do something worthwhile, fucking remaster the shit out of Rainbow and Dio solo albums already. Please! I'd really love some quality remasters of stuff like Rising and Holy Diver. And if they wanted to throw in any demos or other shit that hasn't been heard, well, I wouldn't mind that...
More importantly, b-side/bonus tracks/rarities compilation (for fuck sakes).

Just the studio stuff that's already known to exist:

God Hates Heavy Metal
Evil Eyes (original version)
Hide In The Rainbow
Welcome To My Nightmare (Alice Cooper cover)
Dream On (Aerosmith cover)
Prisoners of Paradise
God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen

Plus there are now-unavailable live versions of the following, which have either been b-sides of bonus tracks on out-of-print editions:

Stand Up And Shout ('83)
Straight Through The Heart ('83)
We Rock (Philly '84)
The Last In Line (Philly '84)
Like the Beat of A Heart (Philly '85)
Eat Your Heart Out (Spokane '85)
Don't Talk To Strangers (Spokane '85)
I ('98)
After All (The Dead) ('98)
Fever Dreams (with Deep Purple)
Rainbow In The Dark (with Deep Purple)
Lord of The Last Day (from Evil Or Divine DVD)

And there's bound to be a ton of live shit we haven't heard yet.

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