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Originally Posted by JRA View Post
Except that list had bad flaws too. Hungry For Heaven is a terrible song and the fact that it was a single is all the more irritating. Lock Up The Wolves sucks too. Also Starstruck over Stargazer? Fail.
Hungry For Heaven was written specifically to be a single so why is it irritating that it was released as one? It seems i'm one of the few who likes that song on this board. The lyrics are classic Dio, it's just the song was a bit more commercial than his other stuff. That must be too much for some to handle. I know artists wanting to be successful and make money is frowned upon around here.

LUTW has some very underrated material. Everything up through the title track is solid stuff. After that I don't care for anything else except 'My Eyes'. It was a new decade and Dio wanted to try a new sound which there's nothing wrong with. As to what the fuck happened to Rowan Robertson after that album I haven't a clue. Seems like a waste to not go any further with your career after a big break like that at such a young age.
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