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Originally Posted by ravenheart View Post
Wrong in all conceivable ways.
It's not terrible, but it doesn't belong on a Dio compilation where space is a premium and there are so many better cuts to choose from.

As for this compilation, I like the cover and track listing a lot. I still think Stand Up & Shout is superior though, simply because of the liner notes. It's fun reading Dio's track by track thoughts on the songs, and I'm sure that's more interesting than whatever "this dude had a legendary career" essay will almost certainly grace the liner notes of this release.

If the record companies really want to do something worthwhile, fucking remaster the shit out of Rainbow and Dio solo albums already. Please! I'd really love some quality remasters of stuff like Rising and Holy Diver. And if they wanted to throw in any demos or other shit that hasn't been heard, well, I wouldn't mind that...
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