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Originally Posted by JLRedWing13 View Post
IMO 7 studio albums, one of which is a double album, gives them plenty of good material to put together a good set this long
Yeah, i'm not sure why the OP thought that they didn't have the material to do that. The amount of big hits they have alone makes up a decent enough set.

I agree with the OP that more bands, as long as the heave the material that is, should try to play longer sets like this. But you've also gota keep in mind that the Foo Fighters are very popular and probably have got a lot of pull on how long they can play for. With a lot of the smaller metal shows we go to, those bands don't always have the luxury of having that option. Especially when it seems every tour nowadays is stacked with 37 fuckin bands on it and after that's done the headliner has only got like 60-75 mins to play.
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