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Originally Posted by Maidenmagic View Post
Yes it is shameless but that tracklisting is pretty good. (Although "love is all" should be replaced with "sitting in a dream" and "Strange highways" instead of "push." And the exclusion of "Don't talk to strangers" is shameful.
As is the exclusion of anything from Lock Up the Wolves, anything from Magica, no 'Dream Evil', no 'Man On the Silver Mountain', no 'The Last In Line'... why is 'Lady of the Lake' and 'Run With The Wolf' there?... it could go on.

I also wouldn't be surprised if several of the tracks turned out to be live versions off albums the label has rights for, and not the originals. 'Neon Knights' is clearly the live version, for instance.

You guys are being far too lenient. The LEAST they could have done was put some of the Japanese bonus tracks/b-sides on there. And 'Electra' for sure.

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